Tyvek Band

Tyvek Wristbands offer you the perfect visual solution to identify your paying customers quick and easy. Tyvek wristbands are economical, durable, waterproof and tear-resistant. Strong adhesive closure and special tamper cuts cause wristbands to shred if tampered with.
Tyvek Wristbands are used for crowd control, age verification, height restrictions, sponsorships, VIP pass and many more applications where quick and easy visual means of identification are needed.
Tyvek wristbands come consecutively numbered to offer you more control and double numbering is also available.

Tyvek band 1inch/With detachable stubbanner

Tyvek 1 inchbanner

Tyvek band 3/4 inchbanner

-Wristbands Uses Admissions, Group and Individual Identifications, Crowd Control, Promotion & Advertising, Sponsorships, Drinking Age Verification, Coupons, Tagging Products, Multi-day pass, Tickets & Labels.

-Wristbands Users Amusement Parks, Water Parks, Night Clubs & Bars, Concerts & Arenas, Hotel & Resorts, Racetracks & Speed Ways, Fair & Festivals, Family Play Centers, Sporting Events, Fundraising.

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