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Global Wristbands S.A de C.V
With over 9 years of combined experience in the Wristband Industry and with just 3 years of International Sales we are becoming well known in the Wristband Identification Industry.
We serve a variety of markets including,Entertainment/Recreation, Hotels & Resorts, Healthcare and Groups/Organizations.
Our mission is to provide all our clients with the best Identification solution for them. We will accomplish the mission by providing quality products,competitive prices and the quickest delivery.
Global Wristbands

-Wristbands Uses Admissions, Group and Individual Identifications, Crowd Control, Promotion & Advertising, Sponsorships, Drinking Age Verification, Coupons, Tagging Products, Multi-day pass, Tickets & Labels.

-Wristbands Users Amusement Parks, Water Parks, Night Clubs & Bars, Concerts & Arenas, Hotel & Resorts, Racetracks & Speed Ways, Fair & Festivals, Family Play Centers, Sporting Events, Fundraising.

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