Electric Band

Electric Wristbands are your solution for events that take place at night or in dark places.
The bright edges help them stand out and easy to identify.

Electric wristbands can be printed and numbered (double numbering also available at no extra charge) specifically to meet your needs.
Feature our permanent locking plastic snap to prevent transfer.

Electric Narrow bandbanner

Electric Wide bandbanner

-Wristbands Uses Admissions, Group and Individual Identifications, Crowd Control, Promotion & Advertising, Sponsorships, Drinking Age Verification, Coupons, Tagging Products, Multi-day pass, Tickets & Labels.

-Wristbands Users Amusement Parks, Water Parks, Night Clubs & Bars, Concerts & Arenas, Hotel & Resorts, Racetracks & Speed Ways, Fair & Festivals, Family Play Centers, Sporting Events, Fundraising.

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